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Admit One

Taking a competitive examination? Getting ready for your entrance into higher education? Preparing for your first job interview?

Admit1  modules are totally customised to your strengths and weaknesses and focused on increasing your opportunities by honing every aspect of your personality that has any relevance to your entry into higher education or a job your really want.

Contact us now to know more about:

  • One-on-one counselling for career choices
  • Cover Letter / CV / Resume writing tips and editing services
  • Individual mentoring on admission-form essays and SOPs
  • Expert assessment of your admission packet
  • Job-interview / group discussion related short courses
  • Personality and confidence building short courses
  • Lateral thinking and problem solving sessions
  • English vocabulary building

Admit One- EUROPE!!

Over the years, the attractiveness of Europe as an education destination has increased greatly. Its world-class quality education, integration of education & industry and affordability as an education destination have lead to some of the brightest and most enterprising minds from around the world converging in Europe to pursue their higher education and to explore future prospects.

The increasing interest of European companies in providing solutions to a lot of India’s pressing problems in energy, water, food, mechanization, automation, skill development etc opens a lot of doors for a lot of opportunities that will only expand in the future. In such a global scenario, an international education is of tremendous advantage for any career-minded Indian student. Seeing this opportunity, we are introducing an all new special focus of guiding students who are interested in pursuing their higher education in Europe, through our Admit One Europe program.