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For ages 18+

Short and specific communication and soft-skills modules especially created for corporate and competitive success.

Communication and soft skills are paramount for both personal and business success. For instance:

  • the quality of a telephone call or e-mail may mean the gain or loss of a client
  • the visual appeal of a presentation might make the difference between approval and rejection
  • the tone of voice and the accent at the other end of an investor’s table might enhance or detract from your company’s corporate image
  • the body language and self-confidence of a marketing executive will immediately yield better sales
  • your emotional quotient, attitude, etiquette and grooming immediately affect your relationships–both individual and professional
  • your problem solving and decision making skills will control your rise up the corporate ladder<
  • your knowledge and exposure to cultures across the world will impress your superiors and open new career paths for you
  • your critical, lateral and analytical thinking skills will dictate the success of your strategies and policies

Recognizing the imperative need and realizing the gap, we have launched a set of short and specific communication and soft-skills modules especially created for individual, corporate and competitive success.

Anyone above 18 can register for our short 6-week, 8-week and 12-week modules.

Business enterprises may also register a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 20 candidates for open modules.

Timing: Classes are held after office hours (between 6 pm and 8 pm) on weekdays


  • Public Speaking Level 1-16 Classes 24 hours.
  • Grooming & Body Language – 16 Classes 24 hours.
  • Business English (intermediate) – 12 Classes 18 hours.
  • Sales Communication – 16 Classes 24 hours.
  • Presentation Skills – 16 Classes 24 hours.
  • Corporate Etiquettee – 12 Classes 18 hours.
  • Business Writing – 12 Classes 18 hours.
  • Listening Skills – 12 Classes 18 hours.