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Saturday School

As a corporate citizen, you communicate both consciously and involuntarily, in a million different ways every day. If you are to maintain the credibility of your enterprise, each piece of communication has to be consistent with your overall corporate strategy and desired corporate image.

Every promotion or change in job profile brings with it fresh communication requirements and even the most accomplished communicator has to constantly hone his skills and develop new abilities as he rises up the corporate order.

You may desire to take another look at the effectiveness of the communication channels and policies within your organization. You may wish to have an objective check to see if all your company’s communications fall in line with your corporate strategy. You may have recognized a general need for effective communication in your organization. Or, you may have identified a specific communication issue that is important to your company. You may even want an evaluation of the level of effectiveness in the communication skills within your company’s personnel.

Whatever the spectrum of your requirements, Expressions@Work has a programme that is suited to your need, your schedule and your budget.

Expressions@Work can help your organisation by providing world class interventions in the area of soft skills development and effective communication. Our penchant for quality is supported by our access to some of the best methodological expertise in the world and extensive experience in applying it to a wide range of industries.  The Expressions@Work team of trainers and consultants is composed of PhDs and MBAs with wide industry experience.

We offer well-researched training in communication and soft-skills for all hierarchical levels. In addition to holding Open Enrolment Training Programs at our training centre, we also provide highly customized company-specific training. Depending on client needs, we also provide post-training handholding support to help participants successfully apply concepts, thus ensuring the link between our training input and real business improvement.


AtExpressions@Work, we aim to enable our clients and empower them with the capabilities of sustaining desired levels of communication proficiency in the future. To that end, our training and consulting methodology is founded on the need to maximize participants’ absorption of our input by pitching content at the suitable level and choosing the appropriate medium and method for maximum involvement at the client’s end.

Our abilities and experience in international business strategy help us take a holistic approach to your corporate communications. Our expertise ranges from the conception of a complete communication strategy in keeping with your corporate image to the consistent execution of that strategy in the most minute of communications in the workplace.

We assure our clients international expertise at locally competitive rates. We believe in providing our clients with effective solution ideas to suit their budgets without compromising on the quality of the services we offer.


● Implementing the vision and mission in all your company’s communications.
  • Helping you to evaluate your policies
  • Advising you on appropriate activities
  • Testing your communication channels to afford you an objective, “aerial” view of how information is conveyed across the departments and levels of your organization.
  • Working with you to organize and optimize your communication channels and policies so that they may reach desired levels of efficacy.
  • Helping you to optimize your marketing communication strategy
  • Ensuring its consistency with your product, your customers and your overall corporate image
  • Maximizing the effectiveness of your sales team’s communication
  • Maximizing your revenues.


  • motivation
  • time management
  • stress management
  • team-building
  • leadership
  • decision-making
  • adapting to change
  • personality, character, perception and attitude
  • appearance and grooming, personal habits
  • oral, interpersonal communication skills
  • writing skills: business letters, e-mail, reports, proposals
  • listening skills
  • presentation skills
  • non-verbal communication
  • critical, analytical and lateral thinking
  • conflict resolution
  • group dynamics and team communication
  • corporate ethics
  • business etiquette
  • accountability and ownership of tasks
  • problem-solving
  • negotiation skills
  • creating effective visual and audio-visual aids
  • corporate image building
  • gender relations and sexual harassment in the work-place
  • participating in and conducting meetings
  • Finance for Non-Finance Managers
  • How to read a Balance Sheet
  • Starting and building an HR department
  • Premiumisation in Sales
  • The “Parta” system: Break Even and Costing

Core Programs

Oral and Written Language Skills

Reports and proposals, internal and external business correspondence and myriad other pieces of paper or electronic data are required to be written, read and assimilated at the workplace under exacting deadlines. These demand a thorough knowledge of the fundamentals of writing specific types of documents and a specialized set of skills. On the other end, focused speaking and active listening are also aptitudes that are vital to efficacy in the exchange of ideas. We can hone the four verbal skills—reading, writing, listening and speaking—of our trainees as we instruct them in the essential elements of the most important business documents.

Communication Strategy and Logic

A person may be an effective communicator without absolute command and fluency over a particular language. This is because the process of communication goes much beyond the mere use of words to express one’s thoughts. One of the most fundamental conditions of any efficient exchange of information is the clarity of the thought process that is to be expressed. The space between the idea and the expression that needs to be charted and structured in a manner that is logical and comprehensible to the receiver of the information.

We can enhance strategic thinking and logic skills in your personnel and thus improve their communication skills, whatever the level of their language proficiency.

Non-verbal Communication

We communicate all the time, whether we want to or not. At every moment, we are projecting ourselves to the people around us. We are constantly transmitting vital information about our personality without meaning to or being aware of the fact.

The facial expression, the walk, the voice, the eye-contact, the strength of the handshake, the claiming of one’s space without crowding another’s—these and so many more intangible factors are more important than any words we may speak in our conversations, meetings and interviews. We can make your personnel aware of what their bodies say about them and we can teach them to minimize the negative aspects of their body language. This can help increase their confidence and aid them in enhancing their future prospects in the workplace.

Public Speaking

Impressive public speakers still command great commercial value and gain the status of “gurus.” In daily corporate life, too, there is a vital need in every department for people who can talk persuasively to a group. Unfortunately, expertise in one’s subject does not make someone an effective public speaker. Fortunately, though, we believe firmly that competence in public speaking requires a set of skills that can be taught. Our Public Speaking Module can certainly make you a convincing and entertaining public speaker.

Business Etiquette and Corporate Culture

As a member of society, you are aware of the unspoken rules, the mores and the unwritten lines that dictate how you should conduct yourself. Similarly, corporate life has a culture and a society. Once you become corporate citizen, you are expected to behave in accordance with the expectations of that culture and society. We can initiate you in the ways of the corporate world and apprise you of the decorum and dos and don’ts within your workplace.

Communication across Cultures

As the global village grows, a multi-cultural business environment becomes a given. Business leaders must therefore learn how to communicate comfortably with cultures other than their own. Effective communication requires an adequate understanding of cultural contexts. Local etiquette, a certain historical perspective, a basic familiarity with the region’s food and eating rituals, a working knowledge of how business meetings are conducted in the foreign environment—they are all factors that contribute to the success or failure of any business communication. We can prepare you for your dealings with other cultures.


We have developed a range of training and consulting options for your company in order to provide you with the best solutions tailored for your needs and your budget.

Saturday School: Short Workshops

We have a number of workshops where we focus intensively on particular aspects of corporate communications. In these workshops, you will be able to learn about each of certain key aspects of communication and soft-skills. This will lead to the enhancement of your efficiency and effectiveness at the workplace.

Open-enrolment modules

You may enroll in one or more of our extensive classroom modules. Sessions are held at Expressions@Work.Our centre is located at 7/1 Nafar Kundu Road in Kolkata.Training is imparted in groups and according to a training calendar instituted by us.

Customised One-on-One

Busy leaders who require targeted coaching and mentoring get total and focused attention at their convenience. Contact us for a consultation.


We can create a tailored mix of online and offline solutions to the communication needs of your organization. Contact us for details.